Can You Imagine This in Your Home?

Please visit our new 5000sq ft Showroom located next Door to Indiana Lighting at 82nd and Shadelland Ave.

We have a brand new showroom in Indianapolis, IN, where you can see just how a new Home Theater system will look in your home. If you can’t make it in right away, check out our online gallery where you can see some of the great projects we've completed. These homeowners are loving their new entertainment systems. Call Digital Evolution and have your home entertainment system featured in our gallery as well!


Our Cabinet and Sink Fixture Display Area.
Yes- We sell this too.

Our Flooring and Granite display area.
Yes-we sell Flooring and Granite too.

Theater Featuring Kilpsch Speakers

Our Showroom Living Room featuring a Vutec Screen Art system.
The TV is hidden behind the Artwork, visible only
when you want to watch TV!!

Theater 1 and 2. We are installing an Additional Theater
upstairs in a totally soundproof Room.